Document Template Management System

Intelligent Document Automation, Generation and Template Management.

Guaranteed Compliant Documents Every Time.

About ExactDocs

With ExactDocs you can centralize and control all of your document templates and use them to generate perfectly compliant and accurate documents every time. It is easy to use and is the perfect companion for your Microsoft productivity tools such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Dynamics 365 and Word. This SaaS product is easy to integrate with other third party systems and by coupling with Microsoft Power Automate and/or the InRule Decisions Platform, ExactDocs can generate documents based on complex rule sets and workflows.

Using ExactDocs means you’ll never send out incorrect documents again. That means no more proposals with the wrong amounts or customer name, no more incorrect terms and conditions in your agreements and no more out-dated company policies in your employment contracts. You can also control your brand by always providing the most up-to-date versions of your brand identity.

About the Company

ExactDocs was developed and is owned & run by Solentive Systems, a Digital Consultancy / Software Innovation firm which has been in operation for over 25 years – servicing clients in The US, The UK and Australasia. After noticing the reoccurring need for an easy-to-use Document Generation and Template Management System, in 2016 Solentive Systems developed ExactDocs. ExactDocs is used around the world by customers in a variety of markets, from legal, compliance, real estate and construction, to professional services, government and HR.