Complex Documents

Create complex documents without coding or scripting

Complex documents infographic
Are you an organization that creates complex documents?
Do you have different sections of text that you need to put together in different ways?
ExactDocs allows you to create complex documents without coding or scripting. This includes:
  • Easily merging together multiple templates; changing the order to suit the audience
  • Embedding common content into a template so that it can be reused amongst multiple documents, reducing the maintenance of that content
  • The flexibility that allows users to select between different versions of content when creating their documents
  • Building a package of documents that can be populated with a single set of variables and ensuring no documents are left out

There are no special plugins or installations required. The ExactDocs UI allows you to set up various templates of content that can be combined in various ways to suit your needs. Imagine the time you can save selecting blocks of standardized text and merging them together to create a sales proposal; changing the order to match the priorities of your prospect. Think about the advantages of being able to embed reusable content across different templates and only have to maintain it in one place. Consider the flexibility of allowing users to select between different versions of content when creating their documents. Also, ExactDocs packages ensures sets of documents are generated together – with no chance of one being left out.

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