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Documents are constantly being created within a business, from writing an email, to creating contract, to compiling a check list. To make our lives easier and to improve organizational efficiencies, we often create templates to refer to, rather than starting from scratch every time. It can be extremely hard to keep templates current and compliant, and it can be even harder to ensure users are only ever using the most recent and up-to-date versions  

There’s only one way of stopping your business from the exposure to risks and/or brand damage from incorrect or out-of-date templates, and that’s with a Document Template Management System. ExactDocs is exactly that. With ExactDocs, you can centralize all your company or department document templates in an easy-to-use repository, and from here you can manage them all. ExactDocs allowyou to control who can access and even change company or department-wide templates. And because all your templates are stored in the same spot, users don’t need to waste time and energy searching around your network for the latest version of a template; instead, they can work with comfort and confidence, knowing that when they use a template from ExactDocs it’s automatically approved.  

With the ExactDocs Document Template Management capabilities, you only need to change your content in one place, and it’s automatically changed for all subsequent document generations. With the use of our Linked Templates functionality, content, such as clauses and other types of paragraphs, can be changed in one template and have every other linked template automatically reflect the new content. 

The benefits of the ExactDocs Template Management System include:
  • Centralized templates for easy access 
  • Accurate documents generated every time 
  • Compliance assured 
  • Guaranteed brand consistency 
  • Easy-to-use, web-based interface 
  • No need for software or plugin installation
  • No need to bug your IT team 
  • Easily access your templates anywhere in the world 

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