Feature List

Manage your document templates & generate error-free documents every time

Manage and Control Company Templates

Provide a centralized location for all your company templates, and ensure the most up-to-date templates are used to generate all your documents.

Use 3rd Party Data Sources using the ExactDocs API

Easily connect ExactDocs to other applications in your organization with the ExactDocs API. Use those applications to determine which documents to generate, and populate them with data from those applications for seamless end-to-end processing.

Link Templates so 1 Template can be referred to by Multiple Templates

Take paragraphs of text used in multiple documents and create a template that can be used in multiple templates – resulting in one place where updates need to be made.

Save Documents in ExactDocs, SharePoint, your File System or a 3rd Party System

Comply with your organization’s information management policies and store generated documents in your organization’s preferred document repository. Out-of-the-box, ExactDocs can save your generated documents in SharePoint, your file system, a 3rd party system or ExactDocs itself.

Integrate with the InRule Decision Platform

Generate and populate documents based on business logic, by leveraging ExactDocs’ integration with InRule’s powerful Rules Engine capability to dynamically create documents, based on your required scenarios.

Bulk Upload from .CSV to Generate Multiple Documents based on a Single Template (or Template Bundle)

Use ExactDocs’ bulk generation functionality to create multiple documents efficiently and easily from a single template, by populating all the variables in a .CSV file and feeding that .CSV to ExactDocs.

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as input data for your Generated Documents

Automatically populate prospect and customer information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your ExactDocs templates, for maximum efficiency and to minimize data entry errors.

Bundle Documents into a Package

Create packages of documents and ensure all the rights documents are generated for the required tasks; minimizing opportunities for data entry errors by using a single input screen to populate all documents.

Merge Several Templates into a Single Document

Take multiple templates and automatically merge the generated documents together to create single documents, such as proposals and contracts, that are relevant to each business scenario – no more cutting and pasting from multiple documents to address different situations.

Manage both Word and PowerPoint Templates

Use ExactDocs to manage both your Word and PowerPoint documents, facilitating brand consistent, error-free documents, such as proposals and agreements.

Output to Word and PDF

Have the flexibility to use ExactDocs as the starting point for further editing and collaboration, by generating Word documents or generate completed documents in PDF, to be sent out to customers and prospects, or employees and partners.

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