In the fast-paced world of modern business, documents serve as the backbone of daily operations for most organisations. Employment contracts, sales agreements, proposals, and everything in between; documents play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and successful running of a business. However, the way documents are handled has evolved significantly, and static, paper-based experiences are becoming a thing of the past. 

Today’s customers demand more – they seek automated, intelligent, and intuitive experiences. Document generation and template management needs to be smarter, more efficient, and seamless, empowering the user to do their job better. 

That is why Solentive has developed ExactDocs; a system that revolutionises document automation, generation, and template management. Recently re-released with some exciting new features, we are keen to share the impact ExactDocs can have on streamlining your business processes and making your life much easier. 

What is ExactDocs? 

ExactDocs is an intelligent document automation, generation, and template management system, that empowers you to centralise and control all your organisation’s document templates. With ExactDocs, you can effortlessly generate perfectly compliant and accurate documents every time, effectively eliminating the risk of sending out incorrect information that could threaten your reputation. 

ExactDocs has an intuitive, web-based interface, which makes it simple and straightforward to use. There is no need to bug your IT team with software downloads or plugins, and you can access your templates from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

ExactDocs seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft Productivity tools, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Dynamics 365, and Word. Via the ExactDocs API, it is also possible to integrate with other third-party systems, such as Power Automate and/or the InRule Decisions Platform. Leveraging complex rule sets and workflows, ExactDocs dynamically generates perfectly accurate and complete documents with ease and is recognised as one of the world’s only rule-based document automation platforms. 

Let’s look at some of the new features of ExactDocs, that will increase productivity and efficiency across your organisation and empower you to better serve your customers. 

Variable Types: 

Since its initial development, ExactDocs has supported text and image variables. In this latest release, we introduced new variable types that cover the range of content options a user might need to update or provide: 

  • Check Boxes: Check box variables are useful when you want to collect specific information or gather preferences. Perhaps you have a form for your customers to fill out, or an agreement for your client’s requiring acceptance of specific terms; no matter how you use check boxes, they are a great way of capturing valuable data efficiently. By using ExactDocs to define check box variables, it allows you to collect this data quickly and easily, and you can store and manage all the responses from a central location. 
  • Tables: Displaying information in table format within a document makes it easier to consume and understand. ExactDocs now offers table variables as a variable type. Users can specify the number of columns and rows needed and define text variables within the table to be populated as many times as the user requires. Information to fill the table can either be uploaded via .csv file in one go or entered in real-time via the ExactDocs interface. 
  • Signature: How many documents do you come across weekly that require a signature? Our guess is many! Isn’t it a pain when waiting for a signature holds up the approval process? Through ExactDocs, the template author can securely define a signature variable in their template and specify the size of signature to be rendered. With the click of a button, the document generator can provide their signature in several ways – via image upload, or via pen, stylus, or finger writing. This speeds up the approval process and allows you to respond to customers and clients faster and make your internal processes more efficient.

Data Capture: 

Capturing data provided by your customers and clients is crucial for many reasons. Capturing and analysing data allows you to make more informed decisions and improve customer experiences. It helps identify trends and preferences, enhance products and services, and forecast for future planning. Using the ExactDocs new Data Capture feature, the template author can download a copy of the data entered by everyone who uses the template. Responses are all stored in one location, and you have the power to analyse and interpret the data. By leveraging your customer data, you can create a competitive advantage and ensure you stay customer focused. 

Document Preview: 

Isn’t it frustrating when you generate a document and you discover the formatting is off, or the branding is incorrect, or something just doesn’t look quite right. ExactDocs has now implemented a Document Preview feature. This preview updates in real-time as you are entering your variable details, so you know exactly what to expect when you hit the generate button. Whether you are generating a 1-page document, or a 100-page package, ExactDocs Preview allows you to see exactly what you are going to get and doesn’t leave room for any nasty compliance or branding surprises. 

Data Merge: 

Do you have data scattered across multiple templates that you want to consolidate into one document? ExactDocs can do just that. With our Data Merge feature, you can take multiple templates and automatically merge the generated documents together to create a single document, such as proposals and contracts. No more cutting and pasting from multiple documents to address different situations; you can now quickly and efficiently create your complete document and dedicate the time saved towards more value-adding tasks. 

Linked Templates: 

Within your organisation’s templates, you might have the same text being referred to across multiple documents, such as terms and conditions. ExactDocs provides you with the ability to link templates. Let’s take your terms and conditions for example. Upload your T&Cs as a template and link all the other templates that refer to your T&Cs to it. This results in only one place where updates need to be made, and all other templates linked to the referring text will be automatically updated, saving you time, and eliminating the risk of human error.  

There are many benefits of using a document automation, generation, and template management system, including increased productivity and efficiency across your organisation, enhanced customer experience, and guaranteed brand consistency and compliance. By embracing ExactDocs, you can take the headache out of paperwork, and operate in a smarter, simpler, and more efficient way. 

Contact us today to discover how ExactDocs can benefit your company.