When I first heard the term “climate crisis,” I automatically filed that in my head as hysterical click-bait. A few years on, I have realized how completely off the mark that was. No matter which part of the world I focus on, the weather seems to be going crazy. When it comes to technology, what can be done to ensure that technology is helping fight climate change and not contributing to it?  

The most obvious thing that comes to my mind is to ensure the eventual end of the production of paper documents. In a business context, documents do two things: provide information and hold agreements. Both of those outcomes can be easily achieved by digital documents. 

When it comes to providing information, there is a question around whether the document should be dynamic as often, information is changing and that requires the documents to change too. The good news is that dynamic documents have been with us for decades, namely in the form of webpages. But on top of that, we can create and maintain dynamic documents in many formats, specifically the more common Word document, which is used by most of the world’s businesses. This can be achieved by using a suitable document template that links to all the dynamic sources. 

When holding an agreement, it is important that the document remains static and while that is a baked in feature of paper documents, that is something easily achieved by digital documents. Static documents can be created and maintained by a digital “publishing” mechanism. 

Which ever kind of document is most appropriate, using a structured approach during creation reduces the overall friction and ensures accuracy. One way of producing a structured, accurate document, whether that be dynamic or static, is by using a robust and secure template management system. And when most of the data that makes up the content of that document is stored in existing systems, then using a document automation system smoothly facilitates that process. 

To help fight the climate crisis, we should consider adopting a suitable template management and document automation system.

Written by Kareem Tawansi, Founder of ExactDocs