Document Generation

Ways to generate documents in ExactDocs


Document generation is the process of generating a document from a document template. This usually requires the implementation of some form of document template management system and is different to document automation in that the documents are generated by users, as opposed to a computer system. 

Document generation can be used to generate multiple documents, that contain a mixture of static content (content that remains constant in the document), and dynamic content (content that is customizable by the user.)

Often, rules are followed in order to generate a document. When a user generates a document, those rules are implicitly followed by the user. This may mean making conditional choices such as selecting from a drop down or filling in blank fields of information.  

Using ExactDocs for document generation, a user can generate error-free, accurate, compliant documents. This is particularly useful in industries that need to control and standardize the format and content of their documents, such as legal, HR or sales.

ExactDocs facilitates document generation via its highly intuitive, web-based user interface and it’s secure, role-based permissioning system. Users simply enter variable details on a single screen and voila, a perfect document or set of documents is generated every time.

ExactDocs is here to help organizations take control of their document needs. Your clients will want to work with you and your staff will want to work for you if you are organized and efficient. Replacing a time-consuming and manual process with an intuitive, easily adoptive system will reap benefits across your organization. Here are the top reasons a document generation system is essential in your business:

  • Reduce risk due to out of date or non-compliant documents being used 
  • By guaranteeing brand consistency, improve brand identity and maintain your professional image 
  • Create documents using data from multiple sources and complex rule sets 
  • Reduce errors and time wasted on laborious, manual processes 

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